Lea-Sophie Kalies – Kontakt im Notfall / Emergency Page

Lea-Sophie Kalies aus Neuenhagen Deutschland: Kontakt & Adressen im Notfall.
Lea-Sophie Kalies from Germany: contact-details for emergency reasons.

Lea-Sophie is an 8 year old girl from germany. In case Lea Sophie Kalies gets lost, this page is providing contact-details from her parents. Parents: Andy und Linda Kalies.

  • Email: andy.kalies @ googlemail.com
  • Phone: 0049 151 543 44 931
  • Last chance: Grandparents: 0049 33398 86526 (speaking german only) – mail: dkali @ web.de

Lea-Sophie Kalies
Hauptmannstrasse 38
15366 Neuenhagen bei Berlin

In Thailand 2019: Lea-Sophie Kalies

In June and July Lea Sophie Kalies is travelling through Thailand with her family. In case she gets lost, here are the hotels where she is staying from which date on.

  • 21/06 Bangkok The Victory Executive Residences Bangkok
  • 23/06 Sukhothai 1 Thai Thai Sukhothai Guesthouse
  • 25/06 Sukhothai Heritage Resort
  • 26/06 Lampang River Lodge
  • 27/06 Chiang Mai Rainforest Boutique Hotel
  • 30/06 Hotel Surat Thani Ruean Thai Nai Bang
  • 01/07 Koh Pangan First Villa Beach Resort
  • 03/07 Kho Pangan Longtail Beach Resort
  • 11/07 Bangkok Golden Foyer Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel
  • 12/07 Fly back to germany
Lea-Sophie Kalies in 2019 aus Neuenhagen Germany
Lea-Sophie Kalies in 2019 aus Neuenhagen Germany

Das Mädchen wird Lea-Sophie Kalies geschrieben. Nicht Lea Sofie, aber in diesem Fall solltet ihr sie auch finden. Auch unter Lea Kalies. Oder Lea Kalis.